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Lifting activities are highly hazardous and caused thousands of incidents every year globally and very common in high rise construction projects and many other industries where materials/heavy loads needed to shift frequently. The crane collapse or falling of load are common among others. These accidents can be prevented by proper lifting procedure and hazards awareness by workers involved in lifting activities.

This course will improve participant’s knowledge on the lifting procedures and hazards associated with Lift activities, Crane operation, rigging hardware requirements, inspection and testing of lifting equipment etc.


  • Introduction
  • Crane operations (general requirements)
  • Onshore crane opertation
  • Crane critical lifts
  • Slings and rigging requirements
  • Course summary and evaluation

Who should attend?

This course is intended for rigger, Crane operators, Safety Professionals, Engineers, Supervisors or who are involved in Lifting activities or Responsible for Health and Safety of workers in Confined space.

Duration: 03 Days

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