//NEBOSH Open Book Examination: What should you know?

NEBOSH Open Book Examination: What should you know?

As we all are facing a Covid-19 pandemic, NEBOSH has introduced an Open Book Examination for those who are preparing for National General Certificate (NGC) and International General Certificate (IGC). NG1, IG1, NGC1 and IGC1 units will be covered in this examination mode. This exam mode is introduced to replace the invigilated paper-based examination for unit 1 of NGC and IGC and also to keep learners safe.

There are some important things that you should know before appearing in open book examination:

What is an open book examination?

An open book examination is a replacement for the invigilated paper-based examination of unit 1 of NGC and IGC. However in the open book examination you can access to your learning materials. You can also take the help from internet to complete your exam. This open book examination can be completed from home or from your workplace or any place wherever you feel comfortable. NEBOSH is now finalizing the processes of how to access and submit the assessment for the open book examination and soon it will be shared with the learning partners and on NEBOSH’s official website.

Format of  the open book examination

A scenario from a realistic workplace or organization will be given to you by NEBOSH. Work pattern, work activities, health and safety performance and worker’s behavior may be discussed in that scenario. The scenario may go on to outline a developing situation such as any incident and you may be asked to imagine that you hold a specific position like safety manager or safety officer.

After that you may be asked to carry out a series of tasks and subtasks as per the situation. Your answer should be relevant to the scenario and you may be asked to give evidence in some specific tasks.

Time and Place to complete the assessment

You will have one day or 24 hours to complete and submit the assessment. However you don’t need to complete whole assessment in one go and it also doesn’t mean that the assessment will take 24 hours to be completed. This time is given to you so that you can understand the assessment and with the help of your study materials, give relevant answers.

You can complete the assessment from your home or workplace. Invigilator based written examination is canceled due to COVID19 pandemic.

Preparation of the exam

Take help from your study partner and tutor for the examination. Study your course material and make sure that you understand all the learning outcomes. At the time of examination you don’t need to revise whole syllabus but you have to concentrate only that specific scenario given to you but to give answer of those question you should have a better understanding of that topic so instead of leaving most of the course for examination , better prepare from now.

Are you allowed to refer to your course material?

You can refer to your course material and also you can take online help during the examination but plagiarism is prohibited. That means you can’t exactly copy the answer in your assessment, but you to explain the answers in your word. If you are completing the assessment with some partner then your answers should not exactly match to your partner.

What  about NG2 and IG2 and IGC3 assessment?

These assessments are not affected and will be conducted as earlier.

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