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Cosmic Safety is offering several Safety diploma course and safety training course which includes but not limited to:

Safety diploma course:

  • 1 year diploma in industrial safety management
  • 1 year diploma in fire and safety
  • 1 year diploma in construction safety
  • 2 year master diploma in occupational health, safety, environment and risk management
  • 1 year advance diploma in fire and industrial safety management

Safety training course:

High rise building and construction safety training course: This is a 3 day training program for students and professionals involved working at height or responsible for workers performing job at height. This course help you understand hazards associated with work at height their corresponding preventive measures like fall arrest system, fall protection system etc.

General fire and safety training course: The course is ideal for employers and employees who have a responsibility for or are involved in industries with potential fire hazards. The course meant for gaining understanding on mechanism of ignition, Properties flammable and explosive materials, Fire prevention and protection, Fire emergency procedure.

Waste disposal and environmental awareness: This course is beneficial for individuals in industries that generate hazardous materials and who are charged with the development of contingency or emergency plans. This course is also designed for individuals who are directly or indirectly involved in the cleanup efforts of areas or buildings contaminated with hazardous waste.

Working on road and traffic safety: This course is beneficial for individuals who are responsible for Road Safety or who are involved in Road works, Bridge construction, Road repair etc. where the nature of job is to occupy or close the road/highways fully or partially. The course will familiarize you with Preparation of “Detour plan”, Understanding traffic flow and prevention of road accidents, International standards of road safety signs and speed limits, Traffic rules and application, Legislative requirements for road closure, Preparation of “Detour plan” etc.

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